When you’ve got debris from a project or storm blocking your path, clearing the way can be tough without the right tools and muscle. Not to worry, though, because Rocket Mule is here to clean debris from any situation. Call today to book an appointment!

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Finding yourself in a situation requiring debris removal services isn’t always planned in advance. Sometimes a storm will rip through the neighborhood and leave downed trees and branches scattered around your property. Other times, the debris might be intentional, such as with home improvement or DIY projects. No matter the reason, having to clean up debris is difficult, time-consuming, and even dangerous without the right tools and training. 

Fortunately, when you’re in need of debris hauling in the St. Tammany Parish area, there’s a professional solution you can call on to clear out your property quickly and safely! When you book with Rocket Mule Junk Removal, you’ll get a full-service junk removal team that’s trained in the best procedures for dealing with debris removal. Our team is fast, affordable, and convenient. Contact us today for a no-obligation price estimate!


When you’re shopping around for local debris removal services, there are several important criteria that need to be met. Fortunately, Rocket Mule Junk Removal ticks all the boxes!

  • Cost. The first question most people have is “How much does debris removal cost?” At Rocket Mule, we like to address this question right away! When you contact us to book your appointment, we take the mystery out of the process by offering you an up-front quote for our debris removal services.
  • Expertise. Every member of the Rocket Mule team is thoroughly trained on proper debris hauling procedures. This ensures that even the largest obstacles are tackled quickly and safely, lowering the chances of damage to your property!
  • Speed. Every part of the Rocket Mule experience is quick and easy. Our team is available 7 days a week to take calls and answer questions. We even offer appointments as soon as the same or next day! Debris on your property can be unsightly and even dangerous, so we’re available on your schedule!
  • Integrity. The Rocket Mule team is comprised of locals just like you who want to service the community with high-quality debris removal. Whenever a storm comes through and leaves you in need of yard debris removal, our team is already on high alert and ready to assist! We feel your pain, so our work always has a personal touch!
  • Disposal. Whether you need tree debris removal or construction debris removal, our team is up to date on local regulations regarding disposal. We recycle as many materials as possible, ensuring our debris removal services are good for the community from beginning to end.


  1. Step one is calling Rocket Mule Junk Removal! Our team is on standby from 7 AM to 7 PM to take your calls and answer questions. We’ll ask you to describe the scope of debris hauling you need so we can give you a price estimate and bring the equipment best suited to the job!
  2. Our lightning-fast team will always arrive at your appointment on time! Just show us the debris so we can look it over and give you a final accurate quote for our services. We’ll never start loading up until we have your agreement!
  3. Stand back and let our team do their thing! We’ll have all the debris loaded up in no time. Whether it’s as simple as tossing it all into our trailer or as tricky as breaking the debris into smaller pieces to make it fit, Rocket Mule will take care of the entire process from beginning to end!
  4. After everything is loaded up, we’ll settle the tab with you. Conveniently, we accept cash, checks, cards, and Venmo. Once that’s squared away, we’ll haul everything away for proper disposal!


Here in St. Tammany Parish, LA, it’s not uncommon for storms to give our cities and towns a beating. From regular thunderstorms all the way up to hurricanes, strong winds can blow through and give our trees a thorough shaking. Anything can happen from branches breaking off and blowing around to entire trees falling over onto our yards and driveways. The consequences of weather can be unpredictable, but your response doesn’t have to be!

At Rocket Mule Junk Removal, we’re on call 7 days a week to assist you with tree debris removal! Whether we’re gathering up scattered tree branches or hauling away an entire tree trunk, our team is ready to help you with yard debris removal. Just give us a call and we’ll ship out ASAP to haul away those pesky tree parts. No matter what kind of debris removal services you may require after a storm, Rocket Mule is ready to help!


Have a question about our services? Want to see if your particular project is one we can help with? To get a free quote, or if you have questions or special requests, just drop us a line. We look forward to serving you!