A delivery courier makes it easy to move just about anything from one place to another. Rocket Mule is excited to deliver for you, so when you need items transported throughout the Louisiana Northshore, you should get in touch with us!

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Do you ever get tired of running errands? Does sitting at traffic lights make you want to pull your hair out? Not everyone is cut out for shuttling things from one place to another. This is especially true when you don’t have a very large vehicle. Cut back on those mind-numbing trips back and forth by trying our delivery services instead. Rocket Mule is excited to help you deliver just about anything you can imagine with our service area! Our truck has lots of extra space, meaning we can transport large items, as well as more items in general. Not only that, but our professionals will handle the process of removing the items from the property at Point A, as well as bringing them into the property at Point B. That way, you can get the stuff you want where you want it without ever lifting a finger.


As previously established, handling delivery on your own can be difficult, if not impossible. Waiting in traffic isn’t fun, and sometimes, your vehicle won’t even be able to hit the items that need to be transported. So it’s clear you need the help of delivery companies. The next question is, though, which one? Support a locally owned, veteran-owned business that can serve you right by choosing Rocket Mule. Our team is used to heavy lifting and driving around town, making us the premier choice for delivery services in your area. This includes residential deliveries, commercial deliveries, and more. Let’s say that you’re moving out of your home in Covington and relocating to Slidell. We’ll be able to haul all your old things out of your previous house, then drive them over to your new place. This includes your sofas, refrigerators, and other bulky belongings, too. Our furniture movers and appliance movers can make the work look easy!

Do you need help shuttling merchandise to a store on the other side of the Louisiana Northshore? Great news, as we’re always excited to become friends with other local business owners. We can even be there as soon as today or tomorrow to serve you. Let us know where to pick up the merchandise, and we’ll carefully load it onto our truck. We always treat your items with care to make sure they don’t wind up damaged. Next, we’ll safely drive to the destination and unload everything there. That way, your business is fully stocked and ready to rake in the profits.

We are the courier service you can trust for just about any delivery you can imagine. Additionally, you can count on us to provide you with fair delivery prices, too. There are two factors that determine what you pay. The first is the total amount of truck space your items need. The second is the amount of labor and fuel we provide along the way. We’ll be able to estimate everything the job requires so we can provide you with an upfront quote, meaning you’ll know the final cost before we even start our work. There are zero hidden fees involved with our delivery services, so no need to worry about those!


  1. It all begins with us picking up the items that need to be delivered. Fifteen minutes before we pick them up, we’ll give a courtesy call to whoever we can expect to let us in.
  2. Next, we’ll load up the items, hop back in the truck, and drive to the next destination. Just as before, we will call before we make it there. That way, we don’t surprise you by suddenly pulling in.
  3. We’ll unload the delivered items and bring them out to you. We can also move them inside! Our team is good at lifting heavy objects, so they’ll have more than enough energy to spare.
  4. Finally, we will accept your payment for our delivery services. We appreciate your business, and we hope that you enjoy your shipment. Isn’t it easy to do delivery with us?


Sometimes, our customers who need delivery services also realize they need junk removal services. It could be that we’re helping them with a move when they discover a basement full of unnecessary clutter. Or perhaps we’re bringing a new piece of furniture over, and they decide they want us to remove the furniture that it’s replacing. Well, we’re more than happy to help! Junk removal is our day job, so it’s never a problem for us. We’ll be sure to dispose of the unwanted items for you immediately after your appointment. One less thing for you to worry about!


Have a question about our services? Want to see if your particular project is one we can help with? To get a free quote, or if you have questions or special requests, just drop us a line. We look forward to serving you!